Melanie Paris

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Hi, I'm Melanie Paris and run Paris Marketing, a small business based in York committed to empowering and enabling others to market their organisation and enjoy the process!

I have 30 years experience and am trained journalist and marketer. I specialise in working with individuals and small business and particularly interested in up-skilling admin staff, volunteers and interns who are often involved in the delivery of marketing strategies but do not have the relevant experience to draw on. 

I work across all sectors and am interested in taking the time to know you and your business, by doing this I can help you make a difference and increase the profile of your organisation. 

I want to help you think as a marketer, to be creative in your thinking and embrace the opportunities that come your way!  

To find out more about the specific services that I offer, please click on the On Offer section of this website. 

Look forward to connecting with you!



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