Melanie Paris

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60-minute Marketing Make-Over

Are you small business responsible for marketing as well as everything else? Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of marketing and think its ok to dedicate a few hours to it each week to ease your conscience? 

Then STOP and arrange a 60-minute Marketing Make Over! For just £60 for 60 minutes, your business will get the opportunity to have a face-to-face meeting with Melanie Paris, a marketing specialist with over 30 years experience and explore useful ways of raising the profile of your business. Prior to the meeting you will be asked to complete a questionnaire which will help to inform the session, it will also be possible to record the meeting.

The sessions will be available from September 2018 onwards and there are just four slots available each month. If you are interested, please contact  for more information. 

If you like what you hear and want more, then there is the opportunity to buy additional marketing hours to work on specific projects, it will also be possible to make referrals to other excellent professionals including graphic designers, printers, photographers and web designers.